Motorized TimeLapse slider features and specifications

Camera is controlled by microprocessor remotely (wireless) by using IR remote control located on the cart. It means that you don't need camera compatible with timelapse function (Timelapse photo) or any other intervalometer.

Basic features

Timelapse slider, motorizovaný, časozberné fotky a vídeo, specifikacia controlled by 100% reliable computer

precise control of time pause between steps 

precise control of steps length

different movement setups

movement speed control

adjustable movement direction

adjustable delayed start up to 24 hrs.

integrated wireless remote control - IR (infrared) remote control or cable control

adjustable screen brightness

you can control movements manually (without motor) - for example during video recording

slider is suitable for taking macro photos with FOCUS STACKING technique

simple assembly and disassembly

different diameters lengths of rails without any intervention to construction of the slider

attachable DRIFT TimeLapse for 360 degree camera rotation

no wires, all electronics is located on the cart

Offer and price list of TimeLapse sliders

Tecnical specifications of TimeLapse slider ArduLapse MAXI Drive

Setup - Motorizovaný TimeLapse slider, časozberné vídeo, parametre timelapse

TimeLapse specifications

  • trails length: 0.6 m, 0.8 m, 1m, 1.2 m, 1.6 m, 2m, 2.4 m (you can choose)
  • load capacity: 7 kg in horizontal movement, 3 kg/45°, 2 kg in 90° degree angle (vertical movement)
  • time pause between steps: 0,5 sec - 24 hrs.
  • time pause between steps can be changed during the movement
  • step length: 0,5 mm - 5 cm
  • adjustable number of steps: exact amount or to the edge of rails
  • 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch thread of camera tripod holder
  • power supply 12 V, battery or external power supply
  • FREE Gift - 3 x 3.7 V batteries, 3x3400 mAh + charger - valued 41,- Euro !

TimeLapse special functions

  • adjustable motor speed: 12 speeds, from 0.8 mm per sec. to 7 mm per sec.
  • motor breaking: on/off
  • delayed start: 1 sec. - 24 hrs.
  • adjustable movement direction - left / right
  • adjustable photo impuls length: 10 ms - 1000 ms (milliseconds)
  • adjustable minimum time step
  • 4+1 movement setups
  • automatic calibration to the edge of rails - to left / to right
  • replacable rails
  • remembers last setup used
  • adjustable screen brightness

Setup - Motorizovaný TimeLapse slider, časozberné vídeo, parametre timelapse, Arduino

Movement setups of Timelapse

  • step mode
  • fluent movement mode
  • static mode, without movement - only taking photos
  • zik-zak setup - endless movement back and forth
  • manual movement without motor, for example during taking video
  • step mode for Focus Stacking technique

Cameras supported

  • IR (infrared) control supports - IR controlled cameras (Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Minolta)
  • wired trigger supports (optional accessories)

Offer and price list of TimeLapse sliders

ArduLapse MAXI Drive - TimeLapse camera slider & dolly & rail, časozberné vídeo
ArduLapse MAXI Drive - TimeLapse camera slider & dolly & rail, časozberné vídeo